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Welcome the website of ENDRES-TOOLS.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of non-sparking tools and antimagnetic tools and will present you with this site a range of products, which can be tailored to your special needs.
Get informed in our safety tools - easy and comfortable.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Endres Tools GmbH was established by Mr. Stephan Endres in 1992 and is specialized in producing Non-sparking tools which are exclusively used in areas where explosion due to sparks can be a potential danger. Endres tools manufacture all kind of hand tools made of non-sparking material which is a special non-iron-alloy. Endres Tools is a young, innovating company and its success is based on the high quality in all areas. It’s staff professional competence makes up the success of Endres non-sparking tools. Exports are made worldwide and the „Made in Germany“ is liked all over the globe. In most of the countries Endres Tools has been represented by notable traders since many years. Representatives worldwide

The non-sparking Endres tools are winning more and more popularity, because of their high quality, fair prices and the accuracy and prompt carrying-out of all orders. The brand „Endres“ is standing for high quality at fair prices! Please have a look now into our new catalogue, which has been extended with a lot of new articles. Please go and see for yourself the big supply on different non-sparking tools. If you do not find any article you need, please never hesitate to contact us, because our motto is now as before „Yes we can!“